To join our meetup group |***click here***| for informal meetups. My next event is right below:

    The 7/30 event was won by Suriyan Nathan and Rene Munoz (tie).

    Our 06/25/2017 tournament was won by Ismael Pagan. As there were six players, there was an addition prize for the lowest three which was won by Zachary Dean.

    Donations gratefully accepted including donations of chess books and equipment. Unfortunately donations are not tax deductible at this time.

    New sustainable t-shirts have arrived . Free t-shirt if requested with advance entry to my next event!

  • Donations: Cash donations are needed to help pay for venues and lecturers. Also donations of chess equipment and equipment related to lectures (projector, computers with chessbase and/or swiss sys, portable sound system)are needed. Also donations of chess books in unread condition, to be used as prizes. Unfortunately, donations made at this time are not tax deductible. GoFundMe page is here!

    Purpose: To provide chess as a social activity, primarily for adults. Please note that my events are not intended to compete with the Marshall Chess Club. My event scheduling is based on funding and availability of the site. I am a member of the Marshall Chess Club, and I recommend Marshall membership for chessplayers in the NYC area.

  • Contact: jgraham at nystar dot com.

  • Directors: I am seeking directors to form a non-profit organization. Preferred qualifications: a) Someone I have known a long time and know I can work with; b) Must have experience and a good understanding of the nyc chess environment; c) Must be like-minded with regard to purpose; d) Must be devoid of potential conflict of interest.